Lamb ★★★


Being an a24 film that promised to bring us that mysterious and bizarre tone that this studio has already accustomed us to. The truth,they brought it, but not in a good way.The plot was strange,it was labeled as a horror film,because of these i had certain expectation &waiting for it to be explored but it never did.The characters have no development at all and you can't empathize with what happens to them, In addition, the story does not make sense at times, and the film does not hesitate to get look for that explanation why everything is so dark and unusual.
One of the most positive factors of the film is those impressive sets of the Icelandic territory that come together with an interesting direction that achieves a feeling of discomfort and emptiness in those wide mountain landscapes & that trademark a24 ending which always beats you.
In my personal opinion Lamb's bizarre mystery aesthetic ends up being overused, remaining just an unsolvable mystery. Lamb is interesting for her style and direction, but ends up leaving more questions than answers in her efforts to be "strange."

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