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  • Weekend



    Godard, you motherfucker.

    After the past few Godard films I've watched left me either disappointed (Vivre sa Vie, Alphaville) or bored (2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, Histoire(s) du Cinema), I hesitantly sat down to watch Weekend expecting to further my conclusion that Godard was an overrated hack not worth the credit he's often given.

    Well I was wrong.

    Very wrong.

    Weekend is one of the greatest subversions of cinematic conventions I've seen since WR: Mysteries of the…

  • Ken Park

    Ken Park

    Since I'm going to see Spring Breakers next week, I decided to watch the one Harmony Korine associated film that I had yet to see. This film was written by Korine and directed by Larry Clark, in their second collaboration (the first being Kids). From the interviews I have heard, Korine disowns this film, claiming to have not even seen the final cut. He also explained that Larry Clark had the idea for this film and did not allow Korine…