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  • Sea of Fear

    Sea of Fear

    The DVD box art is pretty rad but someone should've told the makers that FIVE twists in a slasher film is a bit too fucking much. (Also, it's pretty frigging bad).

  • Shock Waves

    Shock Waves


    When asked “How do you like your aquatic zombies?” the answer should always be Nazi (of course!). It seems to be a theme when it comes to water dwelling flesh-eaters as we’ve seen in Jean Rollin’s atrocious 1981 film, Zombie Lake, and in this late 70’s low-budgeter from director Ken Wiederhorn (Eyes of a Stranger). I’m really not sure why Nazis and H2O seem to, ahem, mix but our opening narration tries to give you some idea by effectively mixing…

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  • China O'Brien

    China O'Brien


    China O’Brien is a prime example of the kind of movies I’d rent every weekend in the heyday of VHS. It’s a low-budget martial arts romp that’s filled with flimsy plotting, amateurish acting, and the expected “there’s a fight lingering around every corner!” but the reason this is more entertaining than a lot of them isn’t simply because of the kick-ass guitar riffs in the background of the multiple fight sequences but also because co-stars Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton and…

  • Son in Law

    Son in Law


    Here's a sentence that shouldn't exist: This is Pauly Shore's finest work.