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  • Modern Problems

    Modern Problems


    You possibly haven't lived until you've seen a gag where Chevy snorts "Demon Powder" like cocaine and, breaking the fourth wall, stares into the camera all coke-nosed yelling, "Yessss.... I like it!".

    Apart from that it's a curio that tries to mash up telekinesis with standard comedy and pretty much fails.

    1981 was a bad year for Mr. Chase with this and the other bizarre comedy choice that was Under the Rainbow.

  • Impact Point

    Impact Point


    So. Many. Butt. Close-ups.

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  • China O'Brien

    China O'Brien


    China O’Brien is a prime example of the kind of movies I’d rent every weekend in the heyday of VHS. It’s a low-budget martial arts romp that’s filled with flimsy plotting, amateurish acting, and the expected “there’s a fight lingering around every corner!” but the reason this is more entertaining than a lot of them isn’t simply because of the kick-ass guitar riffs in the background of the multiple fight sequences but also because co-stars Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton and…

  • Society



    Society is one of those movies that’s managed to gather a healthy cult following in the fifteen-plus years since its release and I still can’t quite figure out why. It’s easy to commend it for its mixture of outrageous perversion, brazen practical effects work, and obvious satire of the upper class but it’s also just as easy to point out how clunky and weakly acted it feels. I can’t deny it’s worth seeing as a curio horror flick and now,…