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  • Cocktail



    Only a decade like the 80's could have shat out a film like Cocktail.

    The script by Heywood Gould is so full of itself and concerned with the expected pursuit of yuppie success that defined the decade causing all the fun bar tending and vigorous dancing of the first half to give way to a somewhat annoying second one filled with life lessons, unwanted pregnancy, and Tom Cruise going from an affable guy to a complete douche.

    At least we've…

  • Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story

    Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story


    First off, let me state that I do believe the makers had their hearts in the right place and the subject really isn’t a laughing matter but, due to being made in 1992 when there was still a lot of misinformation about AIDS floating about, this just can’t help but be alternately hilarious and heavy-handed due to its dated ideals.

    80’s teen queen Molly Ringwald gets serious for the true story of Alison Gertz, a well-to-do heterosexual white girl who…

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  • Society



    Society is one of those movies that’s managed to gather a healthy cult following in the fifteen-plus years since its release and I still can’t quite figure out why. It’s easy to commend it for its mixture of outrageous perversion, brazen practical effects work, and obvious satire of the upper class but it’s also just as easy to point out how clunky and weakly acted it feels. I can’t deny it’s worth seeing as a curio horror flick and now,…

  • How to Make a Monster

    How to Make a Monster


    According to writer/director George Huang’s script, video games are a 7.5 billion dollar industry. Fifteen years after this was made, it has now become a 25 billion (99B Worldwide) business. Video games are a part of everyday life from your home consoles down to the games you play on your phone to kill time between regular events which is why it’s odd that there’s really only been a handful of genre flicks based in this world. Only 1994’s Freddy Krueger-riffing…