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  • Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder The Movie

    Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder The Movie


    Pretty good documentary, mostly centered around the early years. Having recently hung out with some of the guys for some pool, drinking and demo-listening, it's extra fun seeing them here.

  • Vixen: The Movie

    Vixen: The Movie


    Appearantly a web series, this takes all the webisodes (4-7 minutes each) from both seasons, with some added scenes to bridge the story. 

    It's set in the Arrow/Flash universe, so it co-stars the cast from both shows. 

    As a main character, Vixen is not particulary interesting. If you're a fan, I guess this will be acceptable. For me personally, it's just OK.

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  • Inferno



    It's been at least 12 years since I saw this. I don't remember much, but I remember being disappointed. Later I bought the Keith Emerson soundtrack which I've played a lot since then.

    While rewatching this, the soundtrack now played like a familiar character, and added an extra level of enjoyment on my part. There's still quite a few things that don't work, but going in with different expectations (and my love for the soundtrack) made this a much better experience this second time around. Not sure if it would still hold up on repeat viewings though.

  • Scalps



    Why did I buy this on Blu-ray when I hadn't even watched the DVD I bought ten years ago?