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  • Teen Witch

    Teen Witch


    Probably the most 80s teen movie ever made!

  • Night Life

    Night Life


    The first hour is filled with mostly random things, and it takes a while before anything happens. You know there will be zombies at one point, and I can see how it would be real fun going into this, with no knowledge beforehand.

    The lead, Scott Grimes, gives a likeable and charismatic performance. By the time the zombies show up, you will probably have developed an affection for the Archie character, and the last thirty minutes are solid, gory fun.

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  • Inferno



    It's been at least 12 years since I saw this. I don't remember much, but I remember being disappointed. Later I bought the Keith Emerson soundtrack which I've played a lot since then.

    While rewatching this, the soundtrack now played like a familiar character, and added an extra level of enjoyment on my part. There's still quite a few things that don't work, but going in with different expectations (and my love for the soundtrack) made this a much better experience this second time around. Not sure if it would still hold up on repeat viewings though.

  • Scalps



    Why did I buy this on Blu-ray when I hadn't even watched the DVD I bought ten years ago?