Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II ★★★★

I have to admit; I have a soft spot for this one.

The first Pet Sematary is a favorite of mine, and one of the (many) things that make it great is the script, adapted by Stephen King himself.

The sequel suffers from a mediocre script, and a lot of the characters actions, don't make a lot of sense. We're definitely in B-movie category here. But boy, it's a lot of fun. Mary Lambert returns to the director's chair which gives the movie a somewhat similar look. A little cheaper and looks like some was shot on studio lots.

Even though Clancy Brown's character is IMO one of the biggest SOB's to grace the screen, his performance is quite fun (and over the top). It's gory, silly, weird and actually quite creepy at times.

If you love pre-Scream 90's B-horror (like me), it'll probably provide you 90 minutes of fun.