Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah

Aaron Sorkin is going to watch this movie and say to himself “I really could have punched this script up...the Jesse Plemons character is ripe for a redemption arc!” This is the highest possible compliment I can pay to Shaka King and company. 

Further proof that Daniel Kaluuya is the most captivating actor working right now. And for that matter, that Lakeith Stanfield is maybe the most dynamic. And for THAT matter, that Martin Sheen looks kind of like an evil bird that would be on a children’s show like HR Puffnstuff. 

First thing I’ve watched at Sundance that I think is truly, unimpeachably GREAT. The portraits of these characters are so compelling and multi-faceted—elevated by the lived-in performances that make every inner-conflict feel tangible, certainly, but it’s also a real testament to Shaka King’s outstanding work as writer/director. The first 90 minutes are really good. The last 30 are transcendent. The result is a film that, like Fred Hampton, is revolutionary.

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