Dune ★★★★½

I've never read a single page of Frank Herbert's Dune but knew some stuff through pop cultural relevance (i.e. Spice, the Shai Hulud, some of the names, etc.), so take my review with that in mind.

Personally, I very much enjoyed this. It really is an audiovisual experience, cliché as this phrase has become. Obviously on a narrative level it can be a bit much for newcomers to the story, as there are lots of new names, concepts, characters, planets, cultures, etc. that you're being introduced to. But as one of those newcomers, I mostly managed just fine. I perfectly understood the story that's being set up and the political relevance of what happened.
Hans Zimmer also really went back to old peaks for this one, composing a score that befits a science fiction epic as grand in scale as this one - and grand it felt, I tell you that. You get just a glimpse into this world and conflict but the scope of it all is very much implied through imagery and dialogue.
Personally, I'm super intrigued and I might have to pick up the god damn book(s) already while I hope that a Part 2 gets greenlit.

Villeneuve is just incapable of missing. If it's safe and possible for you, go do yourself a favour and watch this on the biggest screen possible.

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