Landscape in the Mist

Landscape in the Mist ★★★★½

I was gonna write a review on it, but then I realized this film deserves more than just a review. So I wrote a poem; and I apologize in advance for it's flaws 

I had a dream last night 
And there he was, my father 
I watch the trains to my dream 
And I walk, next to my sister 

I ask her to tell me the story 
Of the beginning, the commence of our world 
I never get to hear the end 
So I sleep, next to my sister 

We finally get to take the train 
And then suddenly we fell sleep
The man was asking for our tickets 
So I remained silent with my sister 

Our uncle keeps lying to us 
A policeman tells us what to do 
The snow is surely on our side 
So I run, next to my sister 

The bride is not wearing a smile 
The horse's life is lingering 
I can't stop my tears falling
So I stand next to my sister 

We keep walking in the snow 
The road is not easy on us
We enter the van of an actor 
And I sit down next to my sister 

My sister is sleeping in the van 
The actor brings out the motorbike 
I shout his name like a whisper 
And I stay there with my sister 

I enter a tiny restaurant
The owner asks me to work for him 
I listen to the crying violin 
Which reminds me of my sister 

I walk pass the section of soldiers 
Holding my sandwich in my hand
I call the seagull but he didn't hear 
And then she finds me, my sister

The Actors are all very confused 
Their performance has been canceled 
They stare sadly to the ocean 
And I see them, so does my sister 

We walk through the rainy mist 
My feet hurt and I'm tired 
We stop on the roadside and beg the cars 
 finally, a truck stops for my sister

I wake up in the stranger's truck 
And realize that I am all alone 
I come out, sad and confused 
Looking everywhere for my sister 

We ran away from the policeman 
We ran, lost and confused 
And suddenly found an old friend 
I rode his motorbike with my sister 

We stopped for a couple of drinks 
and then He played some music 
And how foolish of him it was 
When he tried to dance with my sister 

He tried to sell his motorbike 
We waited for him for a long time 
Even our friends were total strangers 
So I left there too, with my sister 

He followed us and apologized 
We kept walking and ignored him 
My sister cried for the first time 
And then, he embraced my sister 

We walked to the train station 
My sister bought us tickets 
We sat on a train happily 
And I smiled to my sister 

The smile didn't last long 
They asked for our passports 
We kept running in the dark
I was scared and so was my sister 

We entered the boat quietly 
We crossed the border slowly 
A bullet was fired in the middle 
And then I woke up my sister 

I told her the story of the light 
Because she told me that she was scared 
The mist started lingering 
And I ran to the tree with my sister.

5 February 2020

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