• West Side Story

    West Side Story


    Unbelievable the clout of Spielberg to get that post-credits scene teasing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    a presentation of batman as a useless cop who doesn't actually solve anything but is indestructible

  • Spartan



    Underrated entry in the CGAFACU.*

    *Clark Gregg As a Federal Agent Cinematic Universe

  • Hunter Killer

    Hunter Killer


    Would pay for a subscription service that provided lifetime access to all submarine movies.

  • Encanto



    A grieving young mother moves into a possessed house where she performs pagan rituals to give her children (and their descendants) supernatural but debilitating gifts.

    Has a very upbeat soundtrack.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare


    Truthfully I had trouble keeping up but there were lots of explosions and lots of nazis died. would recommend

  • Dune



    It isn't explained well in this adaptation but the reason the spice is so valuable is because it's pumpkin spice

  • Year of the Dragon

    Year of the Dragon


    It's possible having a white cop named Mr. White who selfishly abuses every minority and woman he encounters, obliviously leaving a bloody trail of destruction in his path before emerging as a sanctimonious hero is supposed to be a biting satire of Western society. It's also possible this movie is bad.

  • Dune



    Hands down the most stabbings of any pg13 movie ever

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    The decision to have the actors do broad impressions of the tv show characters is beyond perplexing.

    (Having Ray Liotta double-cast only slightly less perplexing)

  • Gentleman's Agreement

    Gentleman's Agreement


    I believe this is 1947's Crash: so preachy and eye-rollingly melodramatic. Hopefully it was received as more nuanced and actually important in the time.

  • Night of the Running Man

    Night of the Running Man


    There are moments when this doesn't feel like a sleazy straight to cable popcorn flick but they mostly all occur in the first half hour. The best character is the early 90s Las Vegas setting, narrowly edging out Scott Glenn's as a sadistic yet silly henchman.