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  • Dunkirk



    Beautiful but empty and edited in a bizarre manner that removes true tension to the plot. If the plot just played out start-to-finish in chronological order, there would have been a rising tension through the whole movie, but overlapping the 3 acts of the movie makes for a needlessly confusing watch. The music ends up being the thing that tells you to be tense, instead of the actual horrors of war.

    Stunning imagery with a weakly told story.

  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge


    A large-scale war movie with some impressive shots of tank battles and some not-so-impressive rear-projection special effects shots of Robert Shaw on top of a tank.

    Decent, but hollow and lacking an emotional punch.

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  • Dances with Wolves

    Dances with Wolves


    Wow, this does NOT feel like a 3 hour movie. It seriously feels like 2 hours, max.

    The pacing is "slow", but it needs to be, as it pulls us into the landscape, the situations, and the characters before raising the tension. This is a movie that is an experience - it stays with you days later and it makes you think what could have been if we had done things differently when we settled North America. When we finally…

  • Scary Movie 3

    Scary Movie 3


    Yep, I like it. I'm one of the rare people who liked the David Zucker spin on the Scary Movie franchise. It has lots of jokes, some land and some don't - but there are lots of moments that I find are really funny. Many of them are small moments of randomness - such as a police woman's hat expanding progressively from shot to shot... or a woman in her child's bedroom getting startled at the end of her scene…