Bullitt ★★½

I would rate the car chase at 5 stars, but that only covers about 5 minutes of the movie. As for the remaining 120 minutes, I found myself yawning and squirming in my seat over the incredibly slow pacing. It's shot well, edited well, has good performances - but the plot unfolds at a snail's pace and offers very little to think about after the movie ends.

Again, the car chase is excellent and a classic movie moment. I know a lot of people love this movie and everyone talks about that one chase scene, but the rest of the movie just doesn't connect with me in any way. I'm not a fan of the crime genre, unless it does things incredibly well or offers a plot that steps 'outside of the box'. Besides the chase scene, this is a by-the-books crime plot and it just doesn't excite me. Sorry!

**The second film I've watched from my "Shame List" - I've owned it on DVD for years and never watched it before. The Turner Classics channel beat me to it and aired the movie tonight, so while I still technically haven't watched the DVD, I've at least now seen the movie.

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