Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

A delightful little comedy drama that gleefully follows along a young boy in world war 2 who's proud to be in the Nazi Youth and spends his days with other boys making up stories about Jews. His mother is loving but worried about him and the young boy soon discovers that there's a secret Jewish guest hiding in their house and he must decide if he trusts his mother or his Nazi youth leader. The boy has fantasies about hanging out with Hitler and while at first it seems innocent, as the film progresses, this fantasy warps and starts showing its true colours.

It's a beautiful little war film, with pops of comedy especially from the boy's young friend, and moments of sadness. I just wanted the sadness to hit harder. The horror of the situation isn't touched upon deeply enough, but the overall experience is an entertaining look at fascism and how it creeps into society.