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  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales


    9 of 10

    you will say "Wowww..." about 20 times during this 2-hour movie. every segment is brilliant, classic and astonishing.
    Love it so much. I got motivated to watch more Argentinian movies. it is a super Tarantino-style movie I think. I wish Quentin Tarantino make a movie with this type of story lines.

  • Carol



    Just before the final scene, I had a doubtful feeling about this movie. when Therese walked in there and the magic music started, I felt sure that it is the one.
    Carter Burwell has made one of the best musics fitting a movie. he really deserved to win the Oscar of Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures 2016 but unfortunately it didn't happen.
    all the scenes, details, camera motions, even Face motions and blinks are obviously planned with…

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  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    If one day a spatial creature come to the Earth and asked me what is cinema? I will show him 12 Angry Men. It is a perfect Masterpiece of all-time. 12 Men sitting around a desk and talking, that is all but you feel High in every moment of the Film:) This is real Art.
    I have watched this movie about 6 times and if you have not watched it yet because it is made in 1957 I should say that it is completely wrong and you are missing a great part of the cinema.

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    a real Quentin-Tarantino-style movie that is special, real, amusing and makes you think that how can somebody make a real amusing movie with this limited characters, locations and story? that is what Quentin Tarantino is Master in.
    the Type of Humors and the way he sees ordinary Events is Special.
    I wish he makes more movies before I die :)