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  • Gunman's Walk

    Gunman's Walk


    Stunning revisionist western avant-la-lettre. Tab Hunter and James Darren play cowboy brothers Ed and Davy. Ed is an aggressive, trigger-happy, racist son-of-a-bitch, while Davy wonders what all those guns are really good for and has an eye on a 'half-breed' (Kathryn Grant). Their father Lee (Van Heflin) is clearly in Ed's camp, but is forced to confront the wisdom of that philosophy as the film goes on.

    Gunman's Walk is remarkable not just for its stunning CinemaScope photography and solid…

  • Spider Baby

    Spider Baby


    Completely deranged. Nice.

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  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    Is this the greatest screen saver ever made or what

  • Spectre



    Bond, ranked Bond

    A good, not great Bond film ends this marathon (for now). I can see how the James Bond franchise might have an interesting take on modern versus traditional spycraft, digital versus analog, but I'm not sure this is it. As soon as Moriarty - excuse me, I mean Andrew Scott - walks into the frame, you know he's up to no good. The juxtaposition between Bond's old-school running and shooting and the villains' surveillance at a distance…