Captain Marvel ★★½

Still an absolute mess of a film when it comes to narrative structure and writing. The way characters interact and talk is quite inconsistent, especially since Carol talks way too much in a Earth way for someone who is technically alien to that planet. Action is still subpar and underwhelming, and the first half is a complete slog to get through (felt like 2 hours). However, Larson still tries her best with the piss-poor script, Jackson is easily the highlight, and I actually liked Ben Mendelsohn's character this time around.

This needed to reshape the whole narrative so that there is actual mystery in Carol's true nature rather than revealing literally everything up front yet still trying to make the reveals seem effective on an emotional level. And everything related to Jude Law's group is so underwritten, you could cut them out of the story completely and feel no difference whatsoever. Either build up proper character for them (I would have gone with a cold open for the film where we see the team in action interact with each other) or just don't have them there at all. And Ronan's cameo is still hilariously forced in this and stale.

Yeah, just a completely average and substandard major blockbuster, utterly forgettable and blandly entertaining. The rewatch didn't really improve nor worsen anything.

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