The Invitation ★★★★½

Now this is a solid thriller! The last few that I saw were either pretty tame, or just not thrilling.

The Invitation manages to be a gripping slow-burner right from the start. A group of friends is invited at the home of a friend that they have not seen for the last few years. Once there, something is clearly off.

The acting is great, and everyone sells their characters in a convincing way. I found the story to be very intriguing, and there is plenty of subversion of cliches that constantly kept me guessing what was gonna happen next, only to go in a different direction.

The climax is the only real complaint that I have: while not bad per se, how it was executed was mildly confusing (intentionally?), and I think that I am kinda over the whole slow-motion with lack of sound effects during unexpected moments.

Overall, this is a solid thriller that is not for everyone due to its slow pacing (which makes me feel that it's more that most viewers want faster movies rather than those that gradually build up the tension), necessary suspension of disbelief in a couple of sequences, and old-school ending. Highly recommended!

Story: 8
Directing: 9
Cinematography: 8.5
Acting: 9
Sound: 8
Visual Effects: 8.5


Violence & Gore: 8.5
Sex & Nudity: 7
Drugs & Profanity: 7.5
Intensity & Horror: 8

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