Under the Sun ★★★★½

maybe if we look at something long enough we can understand it. maybe if we hear someone speak, about their self, their country, their family we can gain insight into those things.

when speech is so severely restricted, how do we understand what's happening? we can percieve what is presented to us, absorb our surroundings, but how do we truly understand it? what is real, what is staged.

cold. lonely. long stretches of silence and looking makes time seem inaccessible. we exist as we are in this moment, but we don't know how long we've been in this moment. everything you see will be forever up until the time that it isn't.

speaking is miscommunication. looking and seeing and watching is a little better. maybe we can't understand, but maybe we can acknowledge.

(after this film I got sucked down a wiki hole about north korean prison camps and I'm never sleeping again bye)

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