They All Laughed

They All Laughed ★★

A movie made as a love letter to Manhattan. I think the director just wanted to showcase the city. I really don't understand the point of this movie. The script is garbage. Everything is so random and confusing. We don't get an intro as to who's who and what they're doing until 45 min in and even then I still didn't know what was happening.

A story of private eyes who walk around the city following woman and who occasionally roller skate. But nothing really happens. Audrey Hepburn is so classy and gorge. John Ritter is doing his thing but needed more screen time. RIP to the beautiful Dorothy Stratten, super tragic and sad what happened to her.

Its entertaining as a time capsule and city aesthetic but a total non story. Good 80s people watching and soundtrack. Style over substance. Nobody laughed though.

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