Twilight ★★★★★

This movie really did capture how awkward it is being a teenager and how stupid we are when we're young though. I remember watching this in 2008 with my friend C and we thought it was literally amazing lol. Remember when we all had twilight brains?

- Needed way more Taylor Lautner, he's barely in it. How am supposed to choose team Edward or Jacob?

- I miss when guys actually did their hair like this everyday.

- Shine bright like a diamond has a new meaning

- I love how pale everyone is in this. Makes me feel really good about my moon tan.

- Noone in this movie knows how to close their damn mouth. As Betty Drapers mom would say "if you don't close your mouth your gonna catch flies".

- Ewww her dad drinks rainiers, it's the beer equivalent to rabbit pee.

- Forget the sequels this is cinema!

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