• Other People

    Other People


    When it showed the Applebee's sign I just thought wow, this woman is dying and your taking her to Applebee's!?!

    I hate drops of Jupiter 😢

  • Nature of the Beast

    Nature of the Beast


    It's a werewolf rom-com! And made for tv. Was this made for me? Abc family used to make some fun stuff. Anyway Finch from American pie is a werewolf, and he's getting married. His fiance is convinced that "all men hide stuff", so imagine her shock when she learns she's marrying a werewolf!

    This brought back memories of flip phones, side bangs, tank tops layered over tank tops layered over tee shirts layered over long sleeved. We were so cool.…

  • Man Vs.

    Man Vs.


    I love survival shows I admit, naked and afraid and Bear Grylls are my jam. So I was super into the beginning of this movie. A man with a camera documenting his 5 days alone in the wilderness. Simple and effective premise right?! Honestly I was hoping for a werewolf or sasquatch movie. If only...

    So without spoiling it, when we actually see what's been hunting our main character it was quite the let down, and it leaned super into…

  • Kingdom of the Spiders

    Kingdom of the Spiders


    No no no no no no no noooooo

    Fuck spiders, but not enough to actually kill real living ones for a film. That's sad, and animal cruelty honestly. This movie is so extra and dramatic. Never thought id feel bad for spiders. The 70s were a wild time.

  • Joe & Joe

    Joe & Joe


    "Intrigue, death, romance, jewels"

    A visually beautiful indie film. I just want to go to cape cod now. Serene, bright and peaceful. I could feel the warm breeze, the sun rays shining down, and the mist from the sea. The piano score is soothing. A very relaxing watch.

    Joe and Joe are just simple dudes who love two things, mowing lawns and fishing. In their search for a riding mower and riches they unwittingly become entangled in a ghost story.…

  • I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

    I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

    I am the pretty little thing that is bored watching this movie.

    Note to self, anything described as a slow burn is code for boring. It started off OK but I honestly don't understand the point of this, zero plot and style over substance.

    There's a ghost in the house and noone believes in turning on the lights and it's the same long panning shots of darkness, sometimes there's a noise, repeated over and over again until the end.


  • Hard Rain

    Hard Rain


    The title doesn't lie, it really was a hard rain!

    2nd place for the world's wettest movie, after Waterworld of course 🌊

  • Gypsy 83

    Gypsy 83


    This was a surprisingly charming indie coming of age road trip movie. Two goth friends dream of something more than their small town in Ohio and take a road trip to New York to sing in a Stevie Nicks themed club. On the way they meet some odd characters, learn to let go of their past, accept who they are and discover themselves along the way.

    Love the goth aesthetic, they are so extra bringing their own candelabras and table…

  • Face of Evil

    Face of Evil


    Face of evil is a CBS made for tv movie about a college freshman who gets her way at any cost. Tracey Gold fully commits to being an artistic sociopath with deadly secrets. She gives us a super solid performance here, girl just wants to paint. But those brows hunny, oh no!!

    Perry King plays a typical 90s rich dude with a ponytail chasing after his daughters friend, even getting her a gallery show in the hopes of catching some tail. Poor Shawnee Smith in this movie, girl deserved better.

    Predictable but campy 90s fun.

  • Eloise at the Plaza

    Eloise at the Plaza

    What an absolute brat of a child.

  • Chances Are

    Chances Are


    Shooter McGavin dies in a car accident and gets reincarnated as RDJ, but the angels in heaven forget to give him an amnesia shot. So when he meets his former wife and friend his memories come back.

    He convinces his former wife of who he is and they almost boink, but then he helps his friend boink his wife instead. The angels come down to earth and give him his amnesia shot so he forgets who his true soul is.…

  • Baby Oopsie

    Baby Oopsie


    Baby oopsie is low key scarier than Annabelle and Chucky combined. And who doesnt love a satanic doll?

    I loved this and had so much fun. It was way better than it had any right to be, and I was not expecting much from full moon pictures. Whoever did the voice for Oopsie deserves an Oscar, the maniacal laugh and one liners/swearing galore were amazing.

    My only complaint is it needed more Oopsie. And on a side note it's always…