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  • Homunculus


    Takashi Shimizu, you know the guy who brought us the JU-ON/THE GRUDGE-franchise, got a new movie streaming on Netflix. It’s called HOMUNCULUS and it’s based on a celebrated manga written and illustrated by Hideo Yamamoto (who is probably best known as the creator of the manga series ICHI THE KILLER).

    The plot is about a homeless man named Susumu (Gô Ayano) who gets convinced by a medical student (Ryô Narita) to drill a hole in his forehead to increase the…

  • Vanguard


    After the last collaboration between Stanley Tong and Jackie Chan, the quite awful KUNG FU YOGA (2017), my expectation was pretty low, and VANGUARD absolutely have the same kind of vibe. The look is super-polished, we get loads of locations from all over the world, a nonsense plot with paper-thin characters, there’s gibberish about artifacts and we get constant reminders how superior the great Mainland China is, and of course, we get lots of CGI-enhanced action like flying cars and animated…

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