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  • The Avenging Eagle

    The Avenging Eagle


    HUMAN LANTERNS (1982) will probably always be my favorite Sun Chung-movie, but THE AVENGING EAGLE is a close runner up and actually got the same almost fairytale-like atmosphere. I might be stretching it now, but it’s almost like they exist within the same fictional ancient Chinese universe.

    But the atmosphere and stunning visuals aside, the cast in this movie is not to be forgotten. Ti Lung might be on his stoic hero routine, and Fu Sheng delivers his typical playful…

  • Kid with the Golden Arm

    Kid with the Golden Arm


    The plot in THE KID WITH THE GOLDEN ARM is about.. some kind of gold transport? But it’s not really important. Like many other Chang Cheh/Venom-flicks from this period, the story is driven by the huge amount of flamboyant characters in colorful costumes who pops up along the way. Gimmicky cats like Short Axe and Long Axe, The Sand Palm Fighter, The Silver Spear, The Iron Robe, The Brass Head and last but not least; The Golden Arms.

    Lo Mang…

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