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  • Mid90s



    What is essentially an under 90 minute long skate board video which you would find at your local Journey's while trying on a pair of converse you contemplate buying. Do you remember the 90s? When smoking was cool? When skating was super prevelant? When sex and sexual acts were a-ok as long as both parties consented even if there is huge gaps in age? Oh yeah I remember that... wait I dont. The most I can get from the 90's…

  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    One must show great control and wicked hatred to make it through this film without cracking a smirk as it holds an intoxicating charm and strong willed optimism. While the film lacks in character building and over all plot it holds a strong sense of endearment towards all of what it lacks. It bathes in a shallow pool of water to a fault as it leaves me wanting more even after feeling satisfied from what im given. The cat and…

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  • mother!



    I took my Mother to see Mother! The projector messed up we got our money back. I then was getting my mother's mother to take me too see mother!, but my mother said "no" she would not let her mother watch Mother!. At the end if the day my Mother took me to see Mother!
    And it was amazing!

  • The Last Photograph

    The Last Photograph


    ----Special Advanced Screening----
    (Im technically suppose to follow the embargo they made me sign after watching this film but fuck it.)
    Zach Synders near masterwork surpasses my expectations and more before the film began Zach Synder himself greeted the audience saying the following words... "After my daughter tragically ended her life I had began production on Justice League but before that I had a project I never released, this is very personal to me and touches me on many levels…