All That Heaven Allows ★★★★½

Absolutley gorgeous from the first frame to last! The colors and scenery pop with vibrant blasts of beautiful snow and warm autumn tones. Intimate and heart felt All That Heaven Allows casts a spell upon you while viewing. The ending is perfect! And I mean PERFECT! The performances are mighty and powerful while being true and real. Dread is an emotion I wasnt expecting to feel but I shockingly did and it added to my enjoyment of the film. The score is phenomenal and perfectly sets its scenes giving both orchestral booms and passionate tunes which make scenes work so much better then they would have. My only true issue I take with the film is with it being a bit too predictable but it balances its self out with its excellent portrayal of social expectations and stigmas. Deffinantly worth watching!

"Yes darling. I've come home."