Us ★★½

I think in a way Jordan Peele definitely bettered himself on a directional stand point however he still seems to not have a strong grasp on story telling.  When I say this I mean it as a intellectual way of saying this shit has more holes then swiss cheese. Much like Get Out it’s a story that reminds me of the consistency of sand which seems okay at first but after holding it for awhile you quickly see it slip through ones palms. I’d 100% be down to discuss this in spoiler depth but I’ll let the surprises that aren’t incredibly predictable and in your face be surprises to those who read this and plan on watching. I’d say the most enjoyable part of this film has to lie within its opening which actually had me interested the uneasy slow build worked fairly well we had on the surface a broken family and under a haunting anxiety endusing carnival, so we had a lot of good shit right there. Then... the film kept going and I found it spinning and spinning into a downward spiral with some interesting slasher elements (emphasis on the SOME). The following sentences are the things I loathed this film for starting now; The super villain eque monologue was unbearable and felt so pushed in just to try and give some type of sense to the nonsensical. The amount of times I yelled at a character in my head for doing the stupidest shit ever is above and beyondthe minimum of bullshit I can take. The political commentary as sparse as it is doesn’t need to be there I don’t need a mindless slasher film for 75% and then the 25% be some type of take on the varying classes which isn’t even fully fleshed out and seems just as half-baked as the plot. I can only assume there are gonna be people who find the roars and  the moans praise worthy from the doppelgängers as something interesting enough to make theory after theory on. Truth be told it’s not that deep and it’s pretty laughable in the over all execution. That ending was fucking stupid like I was expecting what happened to happen but holy fuck it was way worse then I thought it was gonna be. This could have been a great family drama I’m not docking anything for this it’s just the family dynamics were more enjoyable and fun then anything that comes when shit hits the fan, I just would have loved to see that. As a whole the films pretty average there isn’t anything glaring wrong about it there’s some aspects i’d say are great the performances are really good for the thin threads they were given to work with and the score had some bops. Most of the tracks I found unfitting of the scenes but it was still good music. Thank god he stopped with the jump scares!

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