The Mist ★★★★

Another revisit to the ole' horror vault with this one. I remember being in love with the ending and I still am, but upon rewatch, I am kind of surprised to find that the film is pretty solid all around.

It's covered in some slightly cheesy, made-for-TV-style, creature schlock wrapping and 2nd tier effects, but at its core is a nicely paced movie with believable storytelling, given the extraordinary circumstances. If this premise played out in real life, I can see the social dynamics breaking down and shaping out to look very similar to this story. It's a refreshing contrast to the "they would never do that," we often find ourselves saying in reaction to films of the same ilk.

Marcia Gay Garden is a scene stealer and sets a standard for the religious zealot archetype. And that ending, that sweet, sweet ending. Stephen King penned the novel that this was adapted from, and you know this has a memorable finish if you can have him admitting in interviews that he wishes he would have thought of it.

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