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  • Blind Beast

    Blind Beast


    "We women are conceited. We need to dominate."

    Bordering on a tone that hits ridiculousness and nightmare erotica, BLIND BEAST's themes explore the lines between voyeuristic perversion and art.

    Disorientingly sadistic at times, BLIND BEAST views obsession through grotesque actions and has the characters come to see it as love and mercy.

    Not sure if I wanted it to go full out with the off beat humor or if I wanted them to go full out with the depravity.

    Whatever your definition of psychosexual is, I am pretty sure this will check those boxes.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I love tests.

    Concept: playlist and video

    There is nothing like watching someone watch this movie for the first time. The shock. The horror. The silence.


    Yes, raising my ranking on a rewatch cause I was thinking about when I moved across the country and this was the only movie I watched for 3 months straight. I was unstoppable. The power Gillian Flynn has.

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  • Stage Fright

    Stage Fright


    "let me know when you get up to the part about making enough money to keep body and soul together."

    STAGE FRIGHT is an 80s slasher with endless energy and brightly lit theatrics. With rich visuals, inventive stage set pieces, and morbidity that becomes its own intense performance, STAGE FRIGHT is a giallo-slasher with its own dreamy style.

    Our owl head killer is goal oriented and ready to show this theater crew his flair for dramatics.

    This would be a perfect double feature with my beloved OPERA, which was also released in 1987. Whatever was in the water in 87', I need more of it.

  • Tully



    "Thank you for keeping me alive "

    Singing Call Me Maybe with your mom is something that can feel so life affirming.

    Cynical, exhausting, and empathetic.

    TULLY displays motherhood with a dry humor and crushing honesty that you'd expect from a Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody team up.

Popular reviews

  • No Exit

    No Exit


    "This isn't a hole. It's a grave."

    A true chiller!

    I thought once they revealed who the kidnapper was that it would be less compelling but wow, no. This is a simple premise that was able to stay shockingly anxiety inducing, upsetting, and thrilling. Safe to say, I enjoyed this more than I expected.

    I want to see Havana Rose Liu in more! I watched her in a drama last week, now a thriller, I'll watch her in any genre!

  • Suspiria



    "There will be nothing left of you. Only space for me."

    Made a Suspiria playlist.

    Now excuse me, while I simp for Suspiria (2018) for a mo. Now yes, this remake lacks color and the exuberant Goblin score from the original, but it makes up for it in all other categories.

    "You’re in a company now. You have to find your right place. You have to decide, what is it you want to be for this company? Is it the…