The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

"Hate is all I’ve ever known, but I wish I could be free of it."

Robert Eggers and crew use their appreciation of intricate details to spin a revenge epic in every sense of the word.

THE NORTHMAN, told in expansive, visually stunning acts, is ferocious, mystic, and brutally human. While vengeance drives the story and action forward, there is always more going on than just a simple bloodbath.

But, oh man, does the bloodbath look great.

The film, like our titualar character, carefully bides its time with rage and belief, most notably in fate.

I loved the story parallels and connection to the volcano/the gates of hell. One, because it felt so spiritual (having a poet co-write your epic is the best thing you can do), inevitable, and urgent.

And two because no matter how old I get, on the inside I am still that child who was absolutely enamored with volcanoes.

Watching such an intense and intimate battle take place in front of an erupting volcano was awe-inspiring. I'd buy this film just to re-watch that scene over and over again.

THE NORTHMAN's storytelling is confident, the visuals are encompassing, and the characters are written without attempts to explain or extenuate them.

This Viking epic is worth the watch.

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