The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead ★★★★★

It’s always fun to watch debut films of established directors since you get to see where they started and how their style developed overtime of making films. Usually, it’s not fully fleshed out yet until the second or third film; though in Sam Raimi’s case, it seems he’s already cemented his style and quirky voice with his directorial debut, The Evil Dead. From genre blending, rapid editing, to utilizing the camera like a ringmaster in Cirque du Soleil. The screen is brimming with creativity and fresh ideas from this young lad straight out of film school. It’s astonishing how he manages to balance campiness and being a self-aware satire; he’s not making fun of horror—he’s embracing it (while turning it over its head).

If Alfred Hitchcock played his audience like a classical piano, Raimi plays us through a series of dissonant, off-key notes both startling and astonishingly original. The Evil Dead is an experience from which its strange effect, unique shifts in tone, and visual showmanship have been cemented in cult film history, and whose qualities remain impossible to duplicate, except perhaps by Sam Raimi himself.

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