Halloween ★★★

Well, that was a dumb thing to pray for.

What David Gordon Green's Halloween says about PTSD, particularly from the vantage point of women survivors, is...I'll be exceptionally kind and say "substandard" (Willow's LB review is an essential read on the matter). It features a handful of stand-out moments (my favorite being that random, killer one-shot where Michael's first seen reflected in the front window of that random woman's house and then we watch, stagnantly, as he makes his way inside; also, anything with MVP Judy Greer), sure, but I would've seen far, far more merit in the film had it been the series' once-and-for-all culmination.

If there was Carpenter's original, this 40 years later (in my mind, titled Halloween Ends, with the retconning still taken as canon), and then no more, I'd consider the finale a real win. But then Halloween Kills (read: greed) came along...


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