Tenet β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

When this is over, we're still standing, and you still care, then you can hear my life story, okay?

After the seemingly endless months of Discourseβ„’/avoiding all spoilers vigilantly/being completely desperate to see it in theatres but also feeling completely unsafe doing so/all the times I, regardless of the said unsafe feelings, thought, "Maybe I *will* take the train into Jersey today!"...I finally watched Tenet while (😌) baked out of my mind with my roommate. I loved every second of it, forwards and backwards.

I'm completely flabbergasted by the middling-to-voraciously negative reception its received; I functionally could not close my jaw for long swathes of screen time, instead staring, mouth agape, at the awe-inspiring, all caps BLOCKBUSTER magic being presented.

For me, everything worked: the mind-boggling mechanics of the mission, Jennifer Lame's astoundingly razor-sharp editing (give her the Oscar *now*), the delightful peppering of dry-Brit humour (largely courtesy of an impossibly charming Robert Pattinson, whose chemistry with the equally beguiling John David Washington was off the charts [that ending! 😭]), Jeffrey Kurland's aloofly perfect styling, the general sight of Elizabeth Debicki proudly dwarfing every other actor she shares a shot with (she's an inch taller than I am, and seeing her like this makes me feel so pretty and powerful, as compared to the ogre-like giantess society continuously tries to *tell* me I am πŸ₯Ί), the way it all warps around itself to such an extent that I was painstakingly studying its timeline for hours this morning and still find myself curious to come back for further reinterpretation.

It's a stunning achievement, and I will most certainly be (gleefully) logging my second watch of it again tonight, before the rental period's up.


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