Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

I’m going to be constantly thinking about this for a long time... Not to sound like a child but this film was a mindfuck from start to finish and Andrew Garfield’s best role to date. His simultaneous increase in paranoia and confidence as he believes he is figuring out hidden messages in pop songs and cereal boxes is balanced so well. My favorite part of this film was the cinematography. The first half of this film has some stand out shots that make me want to watch it again already. I think I’ll probably have to watch this at least 2 more times to fully grasp every connection but i will do so happily. Can’t wait to see it in theaters again in June 🙌🏼

SIDE NOTE/SPOILER KINDA: As someone who is pretty into horror movies, it takes a fair amount for me to be scared these days but that owl woman truly sent a shiver down my back every single time she was on screen.

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