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  • Halloween



    midnight tiff hype very real. watched again and most of the beats that i thought worked really well the first time landed really flat. they say michael myers killed 5 people right, but he more than doubles that number in this movie — a lot of these murders feel like killer filler. and michael is a more purposeful murderer than that! but the babysitting scene still funny as heck.

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    hmm well okay so i enjoyed this mostly on the performances of mahershala and viggo (farrelly’s comedic side shone through nicely too) but it was written by 3 white dudes and really feels like it at times. absolutely hated the pointless ‘not all cops’ sidebar at the end. in its good moments, i think it had a lot to do with mahershala editing his own lines, something i learned from my q&a with peter farrelly. anyway it’s a nice lil oscar bait movie that white people can watch and feel good about afterwards.

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    dude got out of the bath and went straight to the movies by himself, soaking wet and naked. gotta respect it.

  • Unsane



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    this is what happens when u blindly click yes on an itunes agreement