Always Be My Maybe ★★

oscillates between a vox explainer of asian-americanness for white ppl (understandably) and something more stingingly i was just talking about the concept of tipping w/ asian friends when that came up over and over in the movie (don't worry, i am a tipper! but it's not really a thing in asia so it's more than just stereotypical stinginess on her parents' part). i got very excited about the spam representation in the opening scene, and of course kimchi jjigae is dear to me, but then the other food stuff felt so out of touch. i was like oh why is she going to her own restaurant on opening night IN THE EVENING - don't people usually show up in the morning to prepare everything? what is this lax shit?! and having the chef's name on the restaurant sign? corny. i know that's nitpicking but what really bothered me was that the story gave randall park such low stakes that even the cutesiness of their romance wore off. and isn't that why we tuned in in the first place? also it was so weird that this 'fresh' poc update on rom-coms had such a clumsy queer storyline. if you're gonna do better, do better.