The Daytrippers

The Daytrippers ★★★★½

a great film about all types of new yorkers you might run into within a 24-hour period, while also being stuck in a car with your eccentric family members. those family members (+ liev schrieber as parker posey's bf) also happen to be played by five standout actors, with anne meara stealing the show. hope davis doesn't have as fun of a role but really anchors the drama of the story — she's the reason this entourage forms in the first place (they're on a mission to find out who her husband stanley tucci has been cheating on her with). and she heartbreakingly remains reserved about the weight of the situation while her mother (meara) snoops around and dotes on the pretentious schrieber and her bratty sister (posey <3) smokes and eye-rolls throughout the ride. such a wonderfully detailed movie with true-to-life resolutions (or lack thereof).

would make a great double feature with Pieces of April!

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