• House of Games

    House of Games


    fun as hell

  • The Dream

    The Dream


    Filmed shortly before the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982. Heartbreaking to hear these accounts, and then to see people in Palestine post today, in 2023, whether their daily lives are reality or nightmare.

  • Dancer of the City

    Dancer of the City


    Frantic cuts and camerawork turn an affair into a total whirlwind. Strange, sometimes too silly, but hypnotic…

  • Rope



    I’d kill for that view tbh


  • Duel



    Spielberg goated since day 1

  • Children of Shatila

    Children of Shatila


    If your heart doesn't break for Palestinian children — then and now — I ask, where has your humanity gone?
    "Palestine must never be forgotten. Promise me that."

    Another great Q&A with Mai Masri.

  • May December

    May December


    Much like Carol, a master class in gestures and glances... though of course in a completely different way. I need to rewatch this just to see, more closely, how these women hug and smile at each other, brewing with contempt and perverse curiosity. As for Mother Melton... I was not familiar with your game.


  • Black Sheep

    Black Sheep


    A double feature of Allan Dwan making motion (pictures) in the ocean.

  • High Tension

    High Tension


    A current of chaos !!

  • Frontiers of Dreams and Fears

    Frontiers of Dreams and Fears


    A film filled with so much hope and so much heartbreak. These days, I feel so much of the latter. I was just a constant stream of tears while watching the embraces of loved ones between barbed wire, Palestinian children saying their dreams are dying under the occupation, ghostly walks through ruined land that was once their ancestors'... Even happier moments — a surge of hope right after South Lebanon's liberation, exchanges of flirtatious letters between teenagers, girls giggling in their…

  • Man's Favorite Sport?

    Man's Favorite Sport?


    Would be so fun to be a beautiful Hawks nut who nearly ruins a man's life <3

  • Experiment Perilous

    Experiment Perilous


    Predictable, but still loved seeing it play out — including the exploding fish tanks.