Cruella ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Cruella is a movie that would have been good if it wasn't the prequel to a cartoon that came out 60 years ago. Every negative feeling I had for this movie goes back to that fact. Cruella didn’t need to be a sympathetic character. Cruella is allowed to just be an evil lady who wants to skin dalmatian puppies. I don't need to see dalmatians push her mom off a cliff, I don't need to see her name herself after a car, and I don't need to see her be childhood friends with her lackeys. It wasn't all bad, though. I liked the style. Everyone was very snazzy, especially Wink and Cruella. Emma Stone did a great job in here. She was sympathetic, she was cute, she was scary. I could have done with only the last two, but she had to be the first one. That was the point of the movie. She did it well, though. To wrap this all up, I’ll just say that I didn't like this movie. I could have. Unfortunately, it's too hard for me to ignore the source, and it soured my experience. Recommend for the Diamond Dog.

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