The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★

Hard movie to rate. There are some brilliant moments in this film that I deeply enjoued. And the acting is superb. I feel all the flaws lie with the director. Outside of some weird shot choices (those profile cuts of Rob Reiner & Leo or those badly framed shots of the back and forth between Leo & banker, to start with) I think this film ends utterly boring after an amazing 30 minute start because there really is no compelling story. It's Leo's character as a narrative of the 80s junk bond decade. And while there are wonderful moments that colorfully illustrate this, there is nothing surprising in the rise and fall. There's no real interior life to the character we follow. It's characiture rather than character. Again - not the fault of the actors. They brilliantly delivered what they were tasked with. It's the architects of the story who disappoint.

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