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  • Mother



    I didn’t love this as much as Parasite or The Host, but it was really good (and disturbing). I love seeing the themes of disenfranchisement, family loyalty, class, and social hierarchies play out differently in each of these films. I also loved the subtle Hitchcock and even Lynch homages in this one—it’s enjoyable when a film references influences without hitting you over the head with it.

  • Mrs. America

    Mrs. America


    What surprised me about this is how seriously the writers/creators took the idea that women have the power to change history -- including in the wrong direction. Although I knew already who Phyllis Schlafly was, I didn't expect this to be a story about the United States writ large, and the rise of the Christian right, a story that is usually told solely about men. This is a story of how women shape politics -- both in beautiful, progressive, visionary ways, and in self-centered, narrow-minded ways. And how ambition can get in the way of good. Also the acting was amazing. And episode 7 is everything.

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  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    I’m a sucker for a movie about a shitty workplace. The environment and the characters in this felt so genuine. Regina Hall is great as the mother hen who hates making the tough calls but will do it for your own good—you will fall apart without her, for sure.

  • Ema



    Looked beautiful and I really enjoyed the dancing and score, but the story was straight up stupid.