Tenet ★★★★★

So I know people are starting to really not like this movie but I don’t care. I just saw it again and I love it. Yes Tenet lacks emotional depth but so do a lot of movies that focus on spectacle. 2001 by Stanley Kubrick is an incredible film but the only character I care about is Dave and I know nothing about him. The point of that movie is the story and themes it’s trying to get across while also being visually breathtaking. That’s how I went into Tenet. I went in wanting to have my mind blown by the insane sequences and mind bending plot and that’s what I got. People hated 2001 when it first came out...just saying. Obviously Tenet isn’t as good as 2001 but you get what I mean. I don’t need every movie I see to punch me in the gut emotionally sometimes I just want to see something that will blow my mind and Tenet did that...twice. If you don’t like this movie I understand but I’ll die on this hill. Tenet is great.

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