The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★

So I finally watched The Invisible Man and I thought it was great. This is how you do a reimagining of a character. It’s such a scary concept, I couldn’t even imagine being in her shoes but the movie asks us to try and place ourselves there. The long takes of empty spaces set a perfect atmosphere making the audience second guess what they’re seeing. 

I was a bit worried her sister or friend would just believe her and be like “I got your back let’s take this guy down” but thankfully they avoid that because in real life even if you think you’d be that one person who’d jump in and help, you probably would think she’s crazy too. 

Now to state the obvious. Elizabeth Moss is fantastic she gives a performance that will be remembered in the horror genre. Leigh Whannell proves that he knows what he’s doing behind the camera and I hope he continues making horror movies. 

Although the script asks you to take some big leaps in logic especially in the third act, the atmosphere, performances, and solid direction keep this movie tense and interesting throughout. Glad I finally watched this.