The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★½

I finally got around to watching this! Thunder Road is slowly becoming one of my favourite comedy-dramas, so I was excited to see how Jim Cummings handled horror. I love the way this was directed, the slow tension building throughout, as our protagonist starts spiralling. The movie was also quite unexpected in the way its story develops, it keeps you engaged through every scene. The great dialogue carries from Thunder Road to The Wolf of Snow Hollow. The acting across the board is great, there wasn’t a weak performance. I just wish this was longer. I feel some scenes are just quickly brushed over, even though they are some important moments. I think the movie could’ve benefited from drawing out the third act, and spending a bit more time developing the relationship between Jim Cummings character and his daughter. Aside from that I had a good time with this movie, and I’ll be watching anything Jim Cummings puts out because I think he is one of the more exciting new filmmakers.