• Let the Corpses Tan

    Let the Corpses Tan


    A movie that is more style than substance but the style is so fucking cool that I was engaged through the quick paced 92 minutes.

  • The Host

    The Host


    Bong Joon Ho does it again. An extremely entertaining movie that has a lot to delve into if you want to look past the surface level. As per usual Bong just knows how to craft a story. The characters are all fleshed out by the time the monster attacks. It’s very impressive how I can be laughing in one scene, be tense in the next, and end up teary eyed by the end. One of those movies I imagine getting better on rewatches.

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    An interesting concept and world that I wish we got to delve into deeper. I was on board the whole running time until the movie just ends abruptly. It felt like a part one instead of a full movie. If that were the case I would be so hyped right now but sadly this seems to be the story Cronenberg wanted to tell and end it there.

  • Bo Burnham: The Inside Outtakes

    Bo Burnham: The Inside Outtakes


    Uh oh album just dropped on Spotify. Sorry everyone that I know cuz this is gonna be on repeat. There’s a couple new songs on the album that aren’t in the outtakes. 1985 slaps.

  • Killer Joe

    Killer Joe


    Bad day to eat chicken 

    McConaughey is fantastic in this and I want to see him in more crazy roles.

  • Bo Burnham: The Inside Outtakes

    Bo Burnham: The Inside Outtakes


    Oh Bo you mad genius! Can we please get these songs on Spotify Bo! I was so entertained. Loved the Podcast, loved the part with Bo and his glowing teeth, loved the new songs. This was the Bo fix I needed

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


    Yooo I had that Shrek body wash!

    A really fun movie that actually had me laughing out loud quite a few times. Very self referential and silly at times. Reminded me of a kids version of 21 Jump Street.

  • Men



    Men is a slow burn A24 horror movie. That’s really all you need to know. The technical aspects of this movie are all on point and Garlands direction is purposeful and interesting as usual. The acting is great across the board especially Jessie Buckley. My issue is the ending. Again, on a technical aspect I loved it, however from a narrative standpoint I wasn’t very compelled. I will definitely have to think on this one more but it is a good movie I just don’t know if it’s great. 

    Minor Spoiler Alert
    Loved that Green Knight cameo

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    Ah another reason to be scared of having kids. Lynne Ramsay is such an interesting filmmaker and she does so much great stuff with this story. I love the way in which the story is told. Cutting between different periods in Kevin’s life and hinting at a tragedy that has taken place kept me glued to the screen wondering what Kevin was actually capable of. Kevin ended up more fucked up then I thought he would be. For the most…

  • Marmaduke



    Norm of the North with Pete Davidson

  • Barking Dogs Never Bite

    Barking Dogs Never Bite


    Bong Joon-Ho’s feature film debut is a mixed bag. As a debut feature it is well made and you can tell there is someone who understands how to use the camera effectively. The story itself didn’t really click with me at all. I didn’t care about any of the characters and they just weren’t that interesting.

  • The Fallout

    The Fallout


    Jenna Ortega is absolutely phenomenal and I can’t wait to see her career continue to grow. The amount of times people in this movie audibly say LOL makes me uncomfortable though.