Soldier of Orange ★★★★½

Rutger Hauer died July 19th 2019 at the age of 75. His funeral was held yesterday - private and for family and close friends only. The news just got out.

When Rutger Hauer played Floris, he visited my hometown Dordrecht - as Floris. At one point he was fed up with all the fan-attention - so he flew into the art dealership where my father was trained as an auctioneer. They closed the doors and Hauer spent a couple of hours there. Smoking a couple of cigarettes, and talking about art, and the one new kid on the block, a director that drove him crazy. Some guy called Paul Verhoeven . Other times. He was a very down to earth guy.

Ruger Hauer was a giant in The Netherlands.

You guys might understand why I feel a bit shaken about it, since he'd been there all my life and an interview with him on Dutch Tv was something to look forward to. Do me a favor, guys, and watch one of his Dutch films. Get to know him in his early days before he became somewhat typcasted - something he never hated.

Paul Verhoeven in Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad: "There are people whose presence in your life is so self-evident that you can't imagine it suddenly ended, Rutger was what Marcello Mastroianni was to Fellini, an alter ego. I only remember beautiful things, even though there were sometimes tensions. But that is part of it. With every film I thought: what role can Rutger play this time? Rutger was not someone who talked about things for a long time. If you gave him a role, he would just do it. He always expressed exactly what I was looking for, even if I didn't know exactly what that was. Some actors have that rare gift; that also applies to Carice van Houten or Isabelle Huppert. " Verhoeven has worked in Hollywood with big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Douglas. "But nobody could be my alter ego like Rutger could. In terms of stature, posture, balance between seriousness and humor. I am particularly sad that he is no longer there. I will miss him terribly."

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