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  • Kim Ji-young, Born 1982

    Kim Ji-young, Born 1982


    I am the first born. I am a daughter. The next, and last, sibling is a boy. It doesn't matter what my family thinks they've done for me. All my life, twenty fucking years, I've always felt overshadowed by my younger sibling just because he has a third leg between the two legs we all have. And feelings don't get acknowledged, or even brought up, in East Asian households.

    "Please say "You're doing great," "You're working hard," and "Thank You"…

  • The Hating Game

    The Hating Game


    where was the hating? where was the tension? where were the soft conversations that actually slowly resolved the "hating" between the two? and most importantly, where was the chemistry between the leads?

    i'd like to separate my perspective of this movie from the source novel but either way it falls flat. how can we enjoy a romcom when the leads don't have any chemistry with each other? took my mind off of things though so i'd still give this a chance.