In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★

this was my 3rd choice for what to watch tonight which i had to resort to after my brother bailed on me so i couldnt watch come and see which i want company for and then my power went out for a second when i tried to watch not wanted which i took as a sign so i thought i should give up and watch something everyone loves alone in my room brooding. that turns out (shocker) not to have been the best move. have to say i feel bad for not really connecting with this everyone has so much love for it but idk something about it kept me at a distance. i know to some extent thats the point right like were watching this as if through a dirty window (couldnt think of a better metaphor) and it feels like a memory or mirage but everyones talking about how emotionally resonant it is and i gotta say i didnt feel it. i still think its a great story and its really well made i see why its so adored but unfortunately i guess its not for me.

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