Parasite ★★★★★

i cant wait to see this for real in a theater omg... ive been looking forward to this movie for months just like everyone else and ive been getting to the point where ive been fantasizing about putting aside a night to buy some snacks and sit and immerse myself in this movie and i was particularly weak today and did it for real and idk i half regret it cause (for legal reasons the following is a joke) the rip i found had the WORST subs ive ever seen i swear they were bad on purpose but most of it was just improper english grammar which is easy enough to parse through to get what the meaning is so i always knew what people were talking about and what was going on but from what ive heard the writing is one of the best parts of the movie and i kinda missed all of it cause movie pirates like me cant be picky about subtitle quality and this is the kind of movie that like. the first view is definitely its own experience and i kinda wish i had given myself as much as possible to make it the best experience it could be but obviously me sitting in my bed in the dark eating hostess donuts trying my best to decipher what the translators were trying to tell me isnt really the peak of the way the movie can be watched. but like. even with all that shit this is by far one of the best movies from this year i wanna compare it to midsommar cause thats my other favorite of 2019 so far but as much as i love that movie its almost an insult to compare it to parasite like parasite is that fucking good... i was definitely on the edge of my seat the whole time the cast is amazing i cant even begin to give them enough credit they SOLD every scene and everything comes across so well and oh my gooooood its just so good. the more i think about it the better it is god the ENDING... its the kind of movie that you wanna sit there and think about and talk about for a long time i wanna steep myself in this movie for a bit. oh i cant wait to see it in theaters i dont even know if ill be able to but i SO want to please everyone if you havent already see this movie on the big screen treat yourself to it theres absolutely no way you wont enjoy it

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