Ready or Not ★★★½

i thought lakeith stanfield was in this but it turns out thats a different movie cause i was waiting the whole movie for him to show up and (spoilers) he wasnt there. this movie is pretty fun i gotta say i wish there were more times she was exploring and trying to hide but as it is its still really exciting and shit just keeps happening and its a movie that knows how to get you to react... at least for me it was there are a lot of scenes where they show you pretty plainly whats going to happen and then it happens and you have to sit there and watch and that kind of deliberate action is actually super interesting and it made it more fun cause there are plenty of unpredictable twists in this. i for one did not see the ending coming at all. but even though it keeps you on your toes at times it talks to you at your level at others which is a nice thing for a movie to do i think especially this kind... it almost always happens during the gory scenes now that im thinking about it so its a bit of a warning which is nice. absolutely fascinating to see that boy band guy who sacrificed megan fox in jennifers body involved in yet another sacrifice to satan and also be mysteriously trustworthy. there were a few times that i thought alex was harry styles but ive settled on thinking hes not idk well see when i check the cast list. samara weaving was interesting this movie definitely makes her do some things that get on my nerves (the mirror look pissed me off not cause she was looking at herself but cause it felt like it was screaming hot topic edgy) but she knows how to scream and shes definitely interesting to watch. i wasnt a big fan of the attempts at humor and i wish it was more playful with the game part of the game but all in all this is a pretty decent movie

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