The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

This is that kind of movie that every time you rewatch it, you get a whole new perspective about it, and it is a trully delight. So pleasant to see that great production design, all costumes are gorgeous and I could observe that architecture for hours, it is so beautiful! Besides, we have three protagonists that are so distinct from each other but still, so intriguing, and all the actresses are brilliant!

Olivia Colman surely deserved her Oscar for this film, she does not speak a lot, but you can see that her character has been through a lot, only with her eyes, she is vulnerable, she is naive, melancholic, lonely and influenciable, but also she can be powerful and passionate!

Emma Stone's performance in here is probably my favourite from her entire career (even though I do not like her character, she is literally A BITCH), Abigail is a sneaky and dangerous woman that can be very manipulative, and she is also very funny, I love to hate her.

'The Favourite' is like a cold war with contained hate, a battle for power about how treacherous people can be to get lit socially.
Fuck Green Book.

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