Midsommar ★★★★★

I only knew of the name, rating, genre and the cover ( I couldn't even tell it was the lead). I also didn't recognize Ari Antor's name, which will never happen again. I gave Hereditary 4 stars, didn't get to catch it in the theater unfortunately. Going into this knowing almost nothing added so much to the creep fest that unfolded.

From the deep wails of the lead in the beginning, to the haunting sounds throughout, moans of human misery and ecstasy is an important part of this soundtrack. I can still hear it tonight after the 9AM showing. I have never been brought back to those old intense hallucinations I have experienced more than with this film. I have lost family members in horrific ways and have also taken too much mushrooms and ran into the woods alone. I related to the lead more than what could possibly make sense.

This has a sophisticated way of building tension that all horror lover will not fully embrace. Knowing where the plot is going is not a problem to me, just bring me there on a psychedelic floral carpet on the summer solstice and don't forget to bring gifts!

After this film I still find Paganism to be a better route than most major religions nowadays, it also makes me want to go to Bear Mountain with my jar of old shrooms in the freezer. Please put this back in theaters in a few months with an extra scene at the end that shows what happens next solstice!

"I think I ate her pube."
"You probably did"

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