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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    100 MOVIES IN ONE SUMMER 2020: MOVIE #36

    While I was watching The Revenant, I couldn’t help but make connections to The New World, as well as Terrence Malick’s movies in general. The use of natural lighting, steadicam/handheld camerawork, and especially the use of whispering voiceover seemed a bit too familiar for me to just pass it off as “inspiration”, but The Revenant only feels like a Terrence Malick movie in terms of its stylistic choices. Despite its somewhat unoriginal presentation, The…

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man


    100 MOVIES IN ONE SUMMER 2020: MOVIE #35

    The western genre doesn’t generally have very much wiggle room for any sort of experimentation. While certain westerns do differ in some aspects, the core traits of westerns are present and repeated in most of the movies in the western genre. Dead Man doesn’t have that issue, because it takes the western genre and flips it on its head in many different ways.

    While Dead Man is still very much a western,…

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  • Incendies



    100 MOVIES IN ONE SUMMER 2020: MOVIE #30

    Before I watched Incendies, I thought that Denis Villeneuve’s best movies are his science fiction movies, and while Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival are still fantastic movies, Incendies is definitely his best movie. While Incendies is technically considered a war movie, it isn’t about war as much as it is about war’s effects on families and religion’s use as a fuel for war. It features Villeneuve’s great cinematography, direction, and use of tension,…

  • Casino



    100 MOVIES IN ONE SUMMER 2020: MOVIE #34

    There are two types of movies that Martin Scorsese can make and have it guaranteed to be a fantastic movie, and those are character studies and ambitious sprawling epics. Casino falls in the latter category, and while it does carry the same traits of movies like GoodFellas a bit too much, Casino is still a fantastic movie. Like The Irishman, the runtime in Casino does not slow the movie down or burden…